Karthik Narain has created a bad panchayat .. A new film is being made to whitewash Dhanusha


It is common in Tamil cinema for films to be released with real life events and the panchayats to be formed as a result. But if that is the problem with the world of cinema, it is even more interesting to the viewer. That’s how a movie is being made right now. Karthik Narain made his directorial debut with “Pole Sixteen”.

The first film was a critical and commercial success. Thus opportunities arose next to him. The film “Narakasuran” directed by him and produced by Gautham Vasudev Menon has not been released yet due to differences between them. Next, Arun Vijay directed and released the movie “Mafia”.

The film did not go as well as expected. However, his project Agni, directed by Mani Ratnam and produced by Netflix in Navarasa, received good reviews. Based on that, he got the opportunity to direct Dhanush in his next film. The film, which was released on OTT under the title “Maran”, received rave reviews. It was said that Dhanush and Karthik Narain had differences of opinion from the very beginning of the film.

After the release of the film, Karthik Narain posted on his social media page that Wright was telling the truth, sparking controversy. It is said that the film failed only if Dhanush intervened in the film. Karthik Narain has announced his next film before the release of Maran.

Adarva, Sarathkumar and Raghuvan are starring in the film titled “Colors Three”. The film is being produced by Aingaran. In that film, Karthik Narain is directing the story of how he attacks Dhanush along with the bitter incidents that happened to him in the movie Maran.

Thus the present production company Anchor International is in big trouble. Although the problem is with Karthik Narain and Dhanush, they are currently confused as the problem will come to them if Karthik Narain attacks Dhanush in their corporate film and directs the film.

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