Kapil Sharma Revelation About His Student Life, He Said Teachers Always Called Him Nikamma Know Reason Here


Popular comedian Kapil Sharma’s standup show Kapil Sharma I Am Not Done has premiered on January 28. He made his digital debut through this show. Kapil Sharma was also seen talking openly about the stories of his personal life during this show. From the promos to the episodes of the show, he shared many funny anecdotes related to his life. Through this show, Kapil Sharma tried his hand in standup act for the first time. When this show of Kapil Sharma was announced, there was a lot of curiosity among people about it, the same curiosity made Kapil’s show a superhit. Before the release of this show, well-known standup comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi interviewed Kapil Sharma.

Which is trending a lot on YouTube these days. In this video, Kapil Sharma is seen saying that he is getting a star-like feeling while giving an interview. While introducing Kapil, Anubhav asks him are you coming to our field? Kapil Sharma says on this whether I was already selling fruits, I was already doing this. The project has just become special. On this, Anubhav asks him that when did he start doing standup?

Kapil Sharma told that there used to be youth festivals in our college. In which there were also five to six types of theater items. In which things like historionics, mime, play, skit and mimicry are included. I did historionics for the first time in comedy content. During that time I was punching and the audience was laughing. Kapil Sharma further said- My teacher used to say that this boy is very useless, nothing can happen to him. But when I saw the response of the audience, it seemed that there is something in me. Then it seemed that sitting in front of him was useless.

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