Kamal Haasan to become a guest again .. Pakka Village Story Ready with Leading Director!

Kamal Haasan is a world hero who continues to amaze us by playing many different characters. No matter how many films he has acted in, all the films he has acted in in a rural setting have impressed the fans immensely.

Movies like Thevar Magan and Virumandi starring him in that line are still the favorite films of the fans even today. The village verse in which he speaks, with the twisted mustache folded and tied, gives him a singular charm.

It is noteworthy that all the films he has acted in have piled up collections as he has become a villager of Pakka with a scythe in his hand. Currently Kamal Haasan is very eager to play such a character again.

For this he has been asking the story to certain directors. It has been reported that Kamal is very fond of the story told by director Muthiah and he has agreed to act in the story.

Many of Muthiah’s films, including Komban and Marudu, were based on the village hue. And the action scenes of the heroes in it will shake the bar. Due to that, the story he told to Kamal seems to have caught on.

So after a long hiatus we can see the world hero Virumandi in a pakka village story. An announcement is expected to be made soon about the film being made in the Muthiah Kamal alliance.

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