Jayalalithaa’s last film unknown to anyone .. The sensational background that did not come out

Many have emerged as people’s leaders in Tamil Nadu politics. Some of it still lives on in people’s minds today. Jayalalithaa was an iron woman in the minds of the people, a great politician who is looked upon with amazement by fellow politicians.

She introduced herself to the Tamil people as an actress before coming to politics. He has acted in many films opposite MGR, Sivaji, Jaisankar and Sivakumar.

He then left the film industry altogether without starring in any films after coming into serious politics. Before that, his last Tamil film was Kadal in search of the river. Ilayaraja composed the music for the film directed by Lenin.

Jayalalithaa was cast in the lead role along with many others including Sarathpabu and Badapat Jayalakshmi. There was an opinion at the time that Jayalalithaa did not like the film which was released in 1980.

And the film was not properly distributed. So not many people are likely to know about this film. In this age of proliferation of social networking sites we can watch many ancient movies as if we were at home.



But only her last film starring Jayalalithaa has not been seen by anyone on any of the social networking sites and YouTube channels so far. Thus, many people are now wondering whether the film roll of the film was burnt.

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