Jambavan who dominated the cinema before Rajini .. A man who did not look down on the eyes

Superstar Rajinikanth initially acted in villain and character roles and then started acting as a hero. From then on Rajini was just ascending to him. Not even on one side did it collapse. Until now, Rajini has been playing the role of a hero.

But before Rajini, MGR was the great leader who dominated Tamil cinema. Princess is a 1947 film starring MGR as the hero. The film was a huge success for MGR. It’s uphill for him since then.

The Richakkaran film starring him amassed a huge collection. MGR is an actor, writer, director, producer and politician with many dimensions.
Following this, MGR ruled Tamil cinema for 30 years.

Apart from that, he became one of the most important figures in the world of Tamil cinema. MGR has taken place in the minds of the laity through movies. The verses and songs featured in his films made a huge impact among the people.

Through this he also set foot in politics. He won a landslide victory in the 1977 elections and became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. MGR was the Chief Minister three times till his death.

During his tenure as Chief Minister, he introduced many schemes for the people of Tamil Nadu. MGR ruled the country for almost 11 years. It has been many years since his death and there are still voters in the AIADMK for the MGR. Thus MGR is the most influential among the people.

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