IPS Sandhya who tied the knot .. Saravanan who is watching the fun!


Sandhya is trying to be a good bride as her mother-in-law says after packing her IPS dream in Vijay TV’s Raja Rani 2 serial. However, Saravanan clearly understands Sandhya’s struggle to accept this intentionally.

So Sandhya packs the book she was reading that she wants to become a policeman and the photo of her mother and father in a box and takes it to the store room.

Looking at this, Saravanan realizes that Sandhya’s mother is definitely responsible for this change. Saravanan is telling himself that he should stop talking to Sandhya and just think about how to fix his mother.

Thus even though Sandhya wants to forget her police dream, Archana’s dill is constantly tapping Sandhya’s police brain. Because Archana has taken her father-in-law’s ATM card without his knowledge and is thinking of how to withdraw the money he has.

Sandhya, seeing Archana’s theft, asks Archana if she is going to do something wrong. Achchana, however, escapes without catching up. So in the coming days we will wait and see whether Sandhya is going to listen to her mother-in-law or decide to become a policeman with the full cooperation of her husband.

Also Alia Mansa, who is a full month pregnant, is going to play the role of Sandhya soon with another actress to replace her as she is going to rest for a few days. So let’s see depending on who he is.

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