Interview with Vijay in 3 different versions .. Vijay TV DRP- செமா ஆப்பு

Currently watching competition on TV is Sun TV and Vijay TV. These two channels are the ones getting the highest DRP. Vijay TV tops the list most of the time.

In this situation, Sun TV has dropped the commander to vilify Vijay TV’s DRP. That means Commander Vijay, who starred in the film Beast, was interviewed on Sun TV ten years later. The film is directed by Nelson Dileepkumar.

The interview, which has been going on for almost an hour, will be aired on Sun TV on the 10th. In this case, Vijay has received Rs 7 lakh per second for this interview. And Sun TV intends to make billions with this.

The interview was taken in three ways. That means Vijay is conversing face to face with the fans and Nelson interviewing Vijay has various features. But which of these is going to be the telecast is the big expectation.

Thus fans are eagerly waiting to see this interview. Fans are also waiting for the release of some updates on the Beast movie. Sun TV plans to make billions with this.

Thus Vijay TV’s DRP is more likely to be OK. Also, Vijay TV’s pet son Sivakarthikeyan is likely to die if Vijay TV retains its DRP. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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