Interesting Facts About Krushna Abhishek Birth Mama Govinda Asked For This Wish To Vaishno Devi


The fights between Bollywood actor Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek are well known. For a long time, their dispute has remained in the controversy. The families of both are seen taunting each other every day. But there was a time when everything was fine between Krishna Abhishek and Govinda and both of them used to see a lot of love. Once Govinda had reached the stage of The Drama Company show. Krishna Abhishek was seen hosting this show. In this show, Govinda made a big disclosure about the birth of Krishna Abhishek. The great bonding of Govinda and Krishna Abhishek was also seen in the show.

During this, Govinda had told what vow he had sought before the birth of Krishna Abhishek. Govinda had said that the two children who have been born in his house have happened only because of their worship. Govinda said especially Krishna Abhishek. During this, Govinda told that he was brought up by his sister. His mother used to do shows and his sister Padma was his mother. Once Govinda’s sister Rokar was saying that it has been 7-8 years of marriage but no child was born. During that time Govinda had gone to Vaishno Devi.

He made a vow there that if there is a child, he will come to Vaishno Devi with him. Then Krishna Abhishek took place by the grace of Vaishno Devi.

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