Iman complained about his wife .. This plan is good!

Composer D. Iman has filed a case in the Chennai High Court seeking action against his ex-wife Monica. D. Iman has accused Monica of hiding her children’s passports and buying a new one.

Iman has been well received by the people with his Tamil film starring Vijay. De Iman became famous everywhere in the menu tank through that film. He is not only a composer but also a singer.

The couple, who were engaged on April 24, 2008, have two daughters, Veronica Dorothy Iman and Flesica Kathy Iman. Iman, a musician who was divorced from his wife Monica in 2018 due to a disagreement, was allowed by a family court to meet children.

Iman had the passports of the two children. His ex-wife Monica has filed a lawsuit in the Chennai High Court alleging that he tried to send the children abroad to avoid meeting them, claiming that he had lost the children’s passports and obtaining a new passport.

The case came up for hearing before Justices Anita and Sumanth before the session. The trial judge, the chief passport officer, ordered Monica to respond and adjourned the case to June 9.

Composer de Iman first composed music for the 2000 film Dilruba. All the songs he played in the first film were popular among the fans. However, his chances were slim as the film was not a success. After that he became widely known in the world of Tamil cinema through the film Whistle. He also won the National Award for Best Composer for the last 2019 film Faith.

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