Ilayaraja who does not respect anyone will only submit to him .. The incident of falling at his feet and worshiping

Musician Ilayaraja is the one who has bound today’s generation with his music. He made his cinematic debut in 1976 with the film Annakkili and has consistently composed music for over 1000 films. Ilayaraja has worked as a composer in various languages ​​besides Tamil and has won 5 national awards.

He has so much pride, he is always outspoken. In many cases, his actions have been shown to be arrogant. Copyright bought the song a few years ago so that no one could sing the songs he composed. It caused a great deal of controversy.

Some celebrities have said that he has a character that does not belong to anyone. The musician has always had respect for only one person to be like this. Musician Ilayaraja has used the melody king Mr. MS Viswanathan as his guru.

Ilayaraja, who has always had respect for him, once met him at a house party. When he saw the melody king, he fell at his feet and worshiped the musician. This act has come as a surprise to many who have seen it.

Despite his many criticisms, he is at such a high ebb because of his respect for the Guru. The music of this film is still very popular today. In this musical, AR Rahman has worked as a keyboard player.

Ilayaraja, who is currently working on a lot of films, is conducting music concerts. He last composed music for the Hindi film Happy in 2019. It is noteworthy that MSV last had a natural disaster in 2015.

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