I want a film like that .. Controversial actress who will challenge Nayanthara


Suri will be playing the role of a constable in the upcoming film release directed by Vetrimaran. The film focuses entirely on the biographies of a police officer. I.e. how high level the superior officers treat the officers working under him. So the film crew is claiming that the story of the film is to what extent they are affected.

After this film, Vetrimaran will be directing Vadivasal with Surya. The winner, who has been working tirelessly, is currently focusing on production for the first time. Many celebrities have been congratulating Vetrimaran, who has directed many films so far, for making his debut in production.

The film is directed by Kopi Nayanar and starring Andrea and is produced by Vetrimaran. The crew also said that Jay will be playing a pivotal role in the film. Prior to this, the film crew had a successful film with Nayantara and Aram. Apparently Andrea had been asking them for a long time if I wanted a picture like that.

Similarly, Andrea is currently choosing and acting in films that are important to the heroine as there are no large-scale film opportunities after the master film. This is the first time the two have acted together. The anticipation for the film has increased due to the success of the production.

Many fans on social media are saying that the success of the film will depend on the success of the director and the success of the producer, but he will always give more importance to the story as he is the producer of the film and the story of the film will definitely be different.

And Vetrimaran is currently holding a large number of pictures in his possession. Those in the Encinema community say that those who can will finish the film and work with other actors in succession.

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