I want a film like Aram .. 37 year old actress who is bragging for re-entry


The popular actress has changed her mind that only colorful actresses can impress the fans in cinema. Recently, she has been focusing on other language films instead of Tamil films. He would have exhibited his best acting to the extent that he would have been like this in the village arrogant favorite characters.

Also, the heroine’s performance received more praise than the hero in the film. That actress is none other than Priyamani. He also won the National Award for his performance in the film Paruthiveeran.

Briyamani, who had not acted for a while after her marriage, has made a re-entry in cinema. In this situation he did not get proper film opportunities in Tamil. And the films he acted in in Tamil did not go well.

Thus he has been busy acting in Telugu and Kannada language films. But not acting in Tamil films has caused great dissatisfaction among his fans. In this situation, Priyamani has said that Aram movie starring Nayanthara is her favorite movie.

Nayanthara played the role of a collector in the film Mathivathani. He was praised by many for his brave performance. In this case I have been hearing stories that are important to the heroine like that.

Priyamani has promised to make a re-entry in Tamil cinema if she gets a character like that. Hearing this, his fans are eagerly waiting to see Priyamani in Tamil films.

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