I left the cinema by Simbu Dorcher .. Vinay Pada Thangachi Pakir accused


Young actor Simbu has always been known for controversy. Despite having a large fan base of his own, the Red Card faced major problems, largely due to the series’ failure of the films, weight gain, romantic controversy with the actresses, and the problem with the producers not arriving on time for the shooting. However he is currently actively re-acting in films after the success of the conference film Losing Weight.

Controversy does not leave him even though he wants to stay away from controversy. It has been reported that an actress has quit acting as Simbu. Tavan is a 2007 film starring Simbu. But the film was dropped for some reason. But Lekha Washington, who starred in the film, said that she left the cinema because of the bitter incidents that happened to her.

Although she has acted in some Tamil and Telugu films, the actress became a testament to the Tamil screen fans by playing her younger sister in the movie Jayam Kondan starring Vinay. Although he did not act in significant films later, he acted in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films.

When the public interviewed him about his sudden disappearance, he said that although he was interested in acting, he had given up acting, citing the film Kettavan starring Simbu as the main reason for it. But he declined to say what happened.

She last acted in Prasanna’s Kalyana Samayal Sadham and is currently a sculptor in Mumbai. She married Pablo Chatterjee in 2017 and has been living away from the media. It is embarrassing to hear that a Tamil woman has left the Tamil cinema occupied by foreign actresses due to such circumstances.

The film industry is losing some of its best talents due to the problems faced by most of the actresses in the film industry.

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