I am the 6 actresses who are altruistic as the next silk .. Tamil cinema that was thrown away as a waste piece

Silksmitha has made not only men but also women admire her in Tamil cinema with her magnetic vision and charm. He made his debut in the film Vandi Chakram and has acted in many films since then. It has been more than 25 years since he died and is still alive in the minds of fans today. But some actresses who wanted to be like Silk have disappeared as fast as they came to the cinema.

Disco Shanti: Actress Disco Shanthi playing a character role in Tamil cinema and dancing to a song. There have been many films featuring her sexy dance. But he also started acting around the same time as Silk. But Silk sidelined Disco Shanti in glamor.

Bhuvaneswari: Actress Bhuvaneswari who played a sexy role in many films in Tamil cinema in the 90s. He became famous everywhere in the menu by starring in the movie Boys. She was involved in a prostitution case ten years ago. But he is still posting sexy photos.

Mumtaz: Actress Mumtaz made her debut with the film Monisha N Mona Lisa. After that he showed his sexy acting in many films like Budget Padmanathan, Kushi, Veerachami. Mumtaz has acted not only in Tamil but also in Telugu films. But Mumtaz did not get the right slides to be glamorous in the films.

Kiran: Kiran made his debut in Tamil cinema with the Vikram starrer Gemini. After that he acted in Villain, Anbe Sivam and Winner. But now Kiran is playing the roles of sister and aunt. Kiran, now in her 40s, is posting a sexy photo on her social media page.

Namitha: Actress Namitha has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films. He made his debut in Tamil cinema with Vijaykanth’s Our Brother. After that Namitha who started to show glamor had a united fan base. But within a few years I lost weight and lost the chance to film.

Roy Lakshmi: Roy enters cinema from Lakshmi’s modeling field. He has acted in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi language films. Roy made his debut in Tamil cinema with the film Karka Kasatara starring Lakshmi Vikrant. After that he took the glamor in hand and acted in many films. But he is still struggling to grab a permanent place in cinema.

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