From Sunil Grover to Ali Asghar, these stars have left Kapil Sharma’s show, know what was the reason


‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is the most popular show in the TV world, this comedy show has made the audience laugh and tickle a lot. Each character associated with the show has a different identity. But there are many such comedians associated with this show who said goodbye to this show in between. If someone has a dispute with Kapil, then someone has left the show due to compulsion. Every character of Kapil Sharma’s show has gained a lot of popularity among the audience. By adopting different methods of each artist, the audience has been entertained a lot. In such a situation, there are some comedians whom the audience still misses and want to see once again in Kapil’s show. Let’s read in this list about the comedians who played this show of Kapil Sharma  Said goodbye to.
Sunil Grover 

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Ali Asghar
Navjot Singh Sidhu 
Sidhu used to appear as a special guest in Kapil’s show. Sidhu Paaji used to be the life of the show with his poetry and his cheerful style. But  After Pulwama Attack in 2019  A statement by Sidhu brought him to such a point that he had to have this show. 
Upasana Singh

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