Four unwelcome films starring Samuthirakani .. All of them are great


Samuthirakani, who made his directorial debut in Tamil cinema, has given hit films like Nomads and Stand Up. Following this, Samuthirakani, who initially played minor roles in films, started acting as the protagonist. The whip movie starring him was well received among the fans. Some of Samuthirakani’s films which select good stories and act are not welcomed.

Tuesday: The movie Chithirai Mars, which was released on OTV last year. The film starred Samuthirakani, Pooja Kannan and Reema Kallingal. Chithirai Sevvanam is a film that flexibly expresses the affection between father and daughter.

Writer: Rider is a movie released last year starring Samuthirakani, Harikrishnan and Iniya. In the film, Samuthirakani played a writer who thinks that the police need an association. Samudragani comes to the rescue of Hari, who is trapped as an innocent prisoner. The Writer movie is about Harry then escaping from the case.

Bizarre mood: Vinodaya Siddham is a film directed by Samuthirakani and starring Thampi Ramaya and Samuthirakani in the lead role. Strange Will film tells the idea of ​​how we should live the life we ​​live with others.

Male Angel: Directed by Tamira, the film stars Samuthirakani, Ramya Pandian and others. The male angel film told the middle family problem a little differently. A woman who wants to live comfortably, so the male angel is how the family suffers.

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