Fellow actors who behaved disgustingly .. Sathyaraj who spoke poorly of Rajini in public

Usually leading actors have a large fan base. The competition as to which actor is the greatest among such fans will be fierce. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

This problem comes not only from the fans but also from the actors. There are a lot of differences of opinion among some of the leading actors like that. They continue for several days as a severe Cold War. Here we look at some of the events we do not know about.

Vishal – Sarathkumar Vishal, who came to cinema through the movie Sandayikkozhi, has given many hit films. He has a bit of a headache with the rise of fame. So he has had conflicts with many of the senior actors.

The incident that caused a great stir in that line was the election of the cast. Prior to this election, actor Sarathkumar was in charge of the Actors Guild. But Vishal, along with some others including Karthi and Nasser, contested against Sarathkumar in the Actors Guild election.

He also made several comments against Sarathkumar. Apart from that, Amoka won the election by keeping all the young actors and actresses on her side. Nasser then took over as president of the Actors Guild. But there is an opinion that Vishal is directing him from behind.

Rajini – Sathyaraj As for the superstar he will not get into any trouble. He will calmly solve any problem. But there has been a bitter cold war between him and actor Sathyaraj for several days.

When the matter came to light outside the cast were all involved in the struggle when the Kaveri problem started. Then Sathyaraj spoke very passionately about the Tamil gunner. It was rumored at the time that he was indirectly talking about Rajini.

But Rajini did not comment on it. After that when Rajini and Sathyaraj got the chance to act together, Sathyaraj flatly denied that he could. That Cold War within them continues until now.

Sivakarthikeyan – Santhanam Sivakarthikeyan and Santhanam were both prominent actors who came to the big screen from Vijay TV and became successful. Santhanam, who made his cinematic debut as a comedian, is also a hero today.

Similarly Sivakarthikeyan came to the big screen. Today he is growing into one of the leading actors while he was also expected to become a comedian. A Cold War has just begun between the two of them.

For example, Sivakarthikeyan was the first to star in the Aadli-directed film Raja Rani. But there is a report that Sivakarthikeyan was removed from the film as Santhanam denied it. Some say that Santhanam took the form of a hero just by looking at him.

Simbu – Dhanush They must be on the list of opposite poles in cinema. In the early days there will be scenes in which the two of them attack each other in the pictures. Even though they know their frictions like this openly, they are now claiming to be friends.

Vikram – Surya The two have acted together in the movie Pithamagan directed by Bala. Although the two competed in the film, Vikram won the National Award.

Thus a little ego arose between the two of them. Due to this, actor Vikram refused to act in the film Armed Writer directed by Mani Ratnam. That is, Mani Ratnam first approached Vikram to play the Madhavan character.

But Vikram is said to have refused when he found out that Surya was in the film. Not only that but Surya Vikram who invited all the actors to her wedding. The news caused a great stir during that period.

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