Famous director who joins Dhanush .. This is the chance after all these years of struggle


Maran’s film did not go well for Dhanush. Following this, Selvaragavan will be directing myself and Dhanush will be starring in Tiruchirambalam. Dhanush, who was deeply saddened by Aishwarya’s divorce, has been focusing on film work for a while now.

Recently, it was reported that Dhanush is going to direct films again. It stars Robo Shankar and Ramer, who are popular on Vijay TV. It was said to be a comedy film. In this situation, Sundarsi has been wanting to direct the film with Dhanush for a long time.

But the opportunity for that was not exactly available. Currently Dhanush is acting in action movies. Dhanush wants to act in family comedy films. Also, Dhanush has been starring in comedy mixed films for many years.

Sunder C is a successful filmmaker. Despite being a ghost film, Sundarsi is good at making jokes. In this case, Sundar C told the story to Dhanush. Dhanush has asked for it as an action film or a comedy film.

To this Sundar C has told me that comedy films always lend a hand. He also said that the film will be a full-fledged comedy. After thinking for a while, Dhanush said that he agrees to act in this film.

Many are wondering what the film will look like as it is the first time a film has been made in collaboration with Sundar C and Dhanush. Official information for the film is expected to be released soon. Also, the shooting of the film is likely to start soon.

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