Famous actor who acted in 3 roles for the first time .. Do you know any film?

Currently there have been a lot of films lately starring the same actor in a double role as the hero and villain. But this culture came back in the 60s. Older actors then played two or three roles. World leader Kamal Haasan can make many commitments for cinema.

Thus, Kamal Haasan was intimidated into playing his Dasavatharam ten roles. But before Kamal, Shivaji Ganesan had acted in nine roles in Navratri. This amazed many. Although he is the first actor to play three roles in Tamil cinema, he is also Shivaji.

Currently, it is Shivaji Ganesan’s film that has got Pillaiyar to cast many actors in various roles. Shivaji played three roles in the 1969 film Deivamagan starring Shivaji Ganesan, Jayalalithaa, MN Nambiar, Nagesh and others.

Shivaji Shankar, Kannan and Vijay played three roles in the film. His performance with Shivaji was appreciated by many. MS Viswanathan composed the lyrics for the film.

The film was critically and commercially acclaimed. The Son of God ran for over 100 days in theaters and was a success. Also, the film was nominated for an Oscar. Shivaji won the Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Actor for the film.

It is amazing how Shivaji would have struggled to act in so many roles in the 60’s when there was no technology on a large scale in the 60’s when the current technology was seen as awe-inspiring. Moreover, Tamil cinema has never seen an actor equal to Shivaji.

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