Family panchayat going to laugh at the junction .. Dhanush showed fear of death


A few months back, actor Dhanush announced on social media that he was going to divorce his wife Aishwarya. The news spread like wildfire as superstar Rajinikanth is home. Until now, the news of their divorce has been causing a stir in the media.

Although there are many reasons for Dhanush’s decision, the main reason is disagreement. Attempts by both families to reconcile them both failed.

Since then, the Rajini family has been putting pressure on Dhanush. It was reported that Rajinikanth’s wife had indirectly done some work so that no one would produce the films as Dhanush was adamant in his decision and no film opportunity would come to him.

But Dhanush has been focusing on his work without worrying about it all. In this situation Dhanush has now decided to direct a movie. Upon hearing this, Rajinikanth’s family told those involved that no technicians should work on his film.

Seeing this Dhanush has decided that it will not come right if he is more patient anymore. So suddenly if you continue to whip me up Rajini’s family I will keep the Pressmeet open and put all things openly and break it down.

If I told you so many truths you would be the one to suffer. Kollywood sources said that Rajinikanth’s family had been indirectly pressuring us for so long but he was in the mood to hold an open press meet and inform the family panchayat public.

Because a lot of controversial news about Aishwarya has been coming out in the last few days. So they decided not to go for Dhanush now as they did not want to tarnish our own name. There is talk on the screen right now that the thing is going to be too much when you look at all of this.

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