Do you know what happened in 13 years of enmity? Ilayaraja who did not even come to the death of his brother’s wife.!

Competition and jealousy are common in cinema. In that sense, the brother who gave many hit films in Tamil cinema, Thampi’s faction worried the fans. Despite many criticisms of the division, the two never talked about it.

Ilayaraja, also known as the Pavalar brothers, and Gangai Amaran are reunited after 13 years. Ilayaraja composed music for all the films of the Gangai Amaran movement during that period.

All the films released in this combo are hits. An example of this is the caricature film. From time to time minor quarrels started between them while going like this.

The movie that caused that fight to become a big crack was Chinnas Ramasamy Big Ramasamy. During the production of the film, the two had a falling out due to resentment. The two have not met or talked since then.

Gangai Amaran’s wife did not even come to his death. Currently Gangai Amaran’s brother Ilayaraja has suggested that I should be the one to lead.

Despite the grievances between Ilayaraja and Gangai Amaran, their heirs remained affectionate without any conflicts. Similarly, in films directed by Venkatprabhu, Ilayaraja’s son Yuvan Shankar Raja will compose the music.

In this situation, Ilayaraja and Gangai Amaran have reunited after 13 years. Director Venkatprabhu, son of Gangai Amaran, has posted the photo taken by them on his social media page. Their fans are delighted to see this photo.

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