Do you know the name of Vijay in the movie Beast? Nelson told many secrets

Actor Vijay is the supreme star of Tamil cinema. His films have been a success and have been huge successes in the box office. Commander Vijay’s ‘Beast’, produced by Sun Pictures, is one of the most anticipated films in Kollywood.

Sun Pictures has been captivating the fans by giving subsequent updates on this movie. In a recent interview with a popular magazine, Nelson said that Vijay plays a RAW agent who is facing a crisis situation.

He also said that Vijay’s name in the film is “Veera Raghavan”. The announcement of Vijay’s name in the film, which is slated for a Pan India release, is currently causing a stir among the fans. Nelson also said that “Beast” will not be like his previous films “Kolamavu Kokila” and “Doctor” and promised that the film will be a mix of action and comedy.

“Beast” movie will have 3 songs. With the release of 2 songs, “Arabic Punch” and “Jolly O Gymkhana”, the 3rd song is part of the story. Meanwhile, fans say that Vijay’s character name in “Beast” is fresh and complete.

With the Beast ‘trailer set to release tomorrow (April 2) at 6pm, they are getting ready to celebrate the trailer release with tremendous plans. Also several special screenings of the trailer have been arranged across the state.

Anirudh composes music for Sun Pictures’ blockbuster ‘Beast’, Manoj Paramahamsa does cinematography and Nirmal oversees editing. The film stars Pooja Hegde, Selvaragavan, Shine Tom Sacco and Aparna Das in the lead roles. The film is set to release on April 13.

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