Director’s full time drink .. Wife who went in search of old love

He is one of the leading directors in Tamil cinema today who has given many hit films. Many of the actors and actresses who star in his movement will be terrified to see him.

He’s such an angry director. If so on the shooting site then Summawa will be at home on her own. He has no qualms about graduating his wife. A few years ago the director saw a beautiful woman and ended up getting married.

Everyone from the moviegoers to the general public who saw his wedding were amazed. Because the director’s wife is so beautiful. It was a surprise for him to have such a wife. A few were saddened to think of that woman.

Because that is the nature of a director. Sada is the one who is drunk all the time. After the wedding it was nothing more but a little less. The director has been floating around drunk for twenty-four hours.

Not only that but the cannabis habit has been different. Thus he spends his leisure time in the office getting drunk if he does not come home at the time he likes. The tolerant wife has come to hate him.

Thus the director’s wife goes in search of her old love. It may seem to everyone that this is what a new story is. In fact the director’s wife has fallen in love with the son of a celebrity who was at a celebrity party before the wedding.

But when that love did not go away, she married the director and got involved in family life. But her inadequate time keeps her husband’s action boring. Thus the director’s wife has gone in search of her boyfriend and developed an old love.

The director, who was drunk, came to know about this only a few days later. What if that director, who is already angry, would leave his wife alone. A big earthquake has erupted in the house. Then at one point the director decided to divorce his wife and is now divorced.

Many who know the director casually say that the news of this divorce is exactly what we expected. The director’s wife is currently the talk of the movie.

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