Dhanush has changed a lot


Famous director Kasthuri Raja introduced his sons Selvaragavan and Dhanush through his thumping youth film. In this film, Dhanush made his debut as a protagonist and Selvaragavan as a writer. Following this, Selvaragavan directed several films with Dhanusha.

Selvaragavan has directed films like ‘I fell in love’, ‘Pudupettai’ and ‘Mayakkam Enna’ with Dhanusha. The films released by Dhanush and Selvaragavan Coalition will be critically acclaimed. In this situation, Dhanush and Aishwarya announced that they are going to get a divorce.

Recently, on Selvarajavan’s birthday, Aishwarya wished him a happy birthday as my guru, friend and father. This shows that Aishwarya still has respect for her brother Selvarajavan even after Dhanush’s separation.

Recently Selvaragavan said about Dhanusha. Dhanush has changed a lot in that, when Dhanush came to the cinema I was the one who told him about acting. I was taught how to play a Chinese and give any kind of reaction. But now Dhanush has learned acting beyond himself.

I found myself surprised to see some changes in Dhanush’s acting. I also like the storyline that Dhanush chooses to act in. Currently Dhanush’s films are getting huge recognition. Dhanush is currently starring not only in Kollywood but also in Bollywood and Hollywood films.

I am very proud to see Dhanush’s growth. Apart from that, Dhanush started his film career as an actor, singer and director. Selvarajavan had said that he has versatility as a producer.

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