Countamani ruined by fake speech .. Cinema made to sit at home without a picture!

Everyone knows how great an actor Countamani is in Tamil cinema. Can you believe that this famous actor is a slave to arrogance, temptation and arrogance? When Countdown is at the peak of its popularity in the film industry, the game is not a little njancamalla.

The only thing he achieved was misery due to Countamani’s arrogant speech and arrogant and arrogant behavior. Growing up he was overly arrogant and his disrespectful behavior made him look bad. Someone is telling Countess, who was flying the flag in comedy at a time like that, that it would be nice if you played the hero.

I was born and raised thinking that it would be better if Countamani played the hero when he heard that, he played the hero in films like Rajathi Raja. Fans who saw him at the pinnacle as a comedian refused to accept him as a hero. Both films were not as successful as expected. Countamani should not have changed after that

At one point, Countamani began to say that he would act as a hero if he acted. No matter how many chances come I have been waiting for Hero Sans for two years without being cut from starring in any film. Even after two years at home, he did not seem to have changed his mind about playing the hero. His arrogance and parody continued.

Then Ilayaraja’s brother director Gangai Amaran is going to direct a film in which you are asked to act as a comedian. Countess Mani, who initially refused, later agrees. The reason is that you have been idle for two years with Gangai Amaran Countamani. He is saying that you will disappear from the screen and people will forget about you.

Countamani, who was scared to say all this, came back to act in the movie Karakattakkaran. Ganga Amaran’s action was the main reason for Countamani to return to the screen. Perhaps Countamani would not have been able to reach the many heights he has reached today if he had not come to the screen due to the speech of Timur Tenawat. Countess is the only perfect example of how arrogance can paralyze a person.

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