Coalition loses strength .. Vijay Sethupathi knocks down Ajith’s film opportunity


After a long struggle the one way strength movie release is running successfully in theaters. Following this, H Vinod is all set to direct the next film with Ajith again in the Bonnie Kapoor production.

The official announcement was made a few days ago. It was also reported that the film would be completed in a very short time without dragging on for as long as the strength movie.

But there is a rumor that something bad happened to them in the movie Valimai and therefore they did not make the next movie. After all, it has been rumored that Bonnie Kapoor and H Vinod will be making a film with Vijay Sethupathi next. And in this film they are developing in alliance Yogibabu plays the lead role.

The main character does not have a comedic character. Yogi Babu is going to play a character similar to the hero i.e. Vijay Sethupathi. Recently Yogi Babu has been acting in many roles to give prominence to the story. All those movies really impressed the fans.

As Yogi Babu proves his mettle in that regard, he is currently teaming up with Vijay Sethupathi in a strong role. Producer Bonnie Kapoor is expected to make an official announcement soon.

This movie soon Is about to start. Vinod is adamant that he should finish this film as soon as possible from there.

Thus successive films under his direction are out. According to Kollywood sources, Ajith has severed ties with them as the strength film did not give him the expected success.

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