Bollywood Film That Shows Dark Side Of Bollywood Faishon Om Shanti Om Page 3

Thousands of people are drawn to the city of Maya every day towards the dazzling world of Bollywood. In search of glamor and fame, many people in Bollywood are forced to live a false life for years. It is the brightness of the screen that blinds people. Often you must have seen glimpses of the glowing world of Bollywood in every film, but there are some films which try to show that dark and lonely life of Bollywood which is true somewhere. Yes, on one hand there is such a dazzling world of stars, where from red carpet to film nights are seen colorful, but on the other hand there are some stars who come out of these film nights and become a part of the dark life. In this report, see those Bollywood movies which show the dark side of this world.

Om Shanti Om

You must remember Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film Om Shanti Om. In this film, the way Arjun Rampal kept his marriage hidden due to money and glamor and finally burnt Shanti Priya in that mansion. That painful scene still makes people goosebumps.

Page 3

Konkona Sen Sharma’s film Page 3 is also included in this list. In this film, the greed of big faces to appear in the front pages of the newspaper has been shown in the film party. It has been shown in this film that most of the things in the glam world are ostentatious. Moving from one party to another in search of work. They do not even know when the crowd trying to get shine gets lost in their dreams.


You must remember Priyanka Chopra’s fashion. Priyanka’s big dreams, who came out of a small town, are fulfilled. But behind this stardom, she looks completely lonely. Drowning in pride and greed, Priyanka finds herself in the place of the same girl, leaving behind the girl she grew up with.

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