Big Boss Ultimate Celebrity Who Robbed Ovia .. Action Game Begins


The Big Boss Ultimate show on Hot Star is airing around the clock. All the events that take place in this show which is currently nearing the final stage are attracting a large number of viewers.

In it, a contest was held for both Julie and Sruthi to pick up the cash box that was kept at the Big Boss house yesterday. He won the pitch in such a tough competition and seized 15 lakh rupees.

Julie, who tried hard to replace him, is now being praised by all the fans. In addition, the contestants had been doing a lot of work against Julie from the very first day at the Big Boss house.

Julie, who previously attended the Big Boss show, received rave reviews. All of the fellow housemates who remembered it over the years were hurting Julie in some way.

Even more so at yesterday’s match many people including Lotus thought that Julie should not have taken that money. There was also some controversy about the dress Julie Big Boss wore at home. But there is currently opposition from fans to this idea.

Because at the Bigg Boss house Ramya Pandian and Sruthi are wearing very sexy outfits. Opinions in favor of Julie are currently circulating on social media as to how it is fair to just level the bar when it is like that.

Despite all the protests and obstacles, the way Julie handles it has been appreciated by all. There is a maturity in all the actions Julie is currently doing. He makes the most of this second opportunity given to him.

So Julie deserves to go as the final contestant on this Big Boss Ultimate show. Fans who criticized Julie in support of Ovia are now supporting Julie and praising her. This is the biggest success for Julie.

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