Big Boss eviction that will take place in the middle of the night .. that rival who is going to leave


The Big Boss Ultimate show airing on Hotstar is set to end this week. This is the last week that competitors are competing fiercely among themselves. So in a few more days we will know who the winner is.

In this case, another eviction is to be held today at the Big Boss show. Now Big Boss house has Balaji Murugadoss, Tamara, Ramya Pandian, Nirup, Abirami, Julie among others. One of them is about to leave the Big Boss house today.

In this, as usual, Balaji is in the first place with more votes. Next up are Tamara, Nirupam and Julie. Thus one of the two Ramya Pandian and Abirami is likely to leave.

Fans are of the opinion that Abrami is the most likely of the two. Because no one likes his actions lately. Abrami, who has been involved in activities such as showing over-attitude since the beginning of the show, is now talking in a way that irritates the fans.

And for the past few weeks everyone has been expecting him to leave. But fortunately he escaped at the last minute. So this time it looks like he will definitely be expelled.

Similarly, Ramya Pandian, who comes around as a poisonous bottle in the Bigg Boss house, is also being hated by the fans. That and the fact that he is targeting Bala has put Bala’s fans under pressure. Thus Vijay TV will be forced to save him even though the fans expect him to leave the Bigg Boss house.

In any case, his fans are backing him that Bala will be crowned the winner at the end of the show. But in a few days we will officially know who the winner is.

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