Bharathikannamma who dared to give life .. Venka of shock


Husband and wife Bharathi and Kannamma, who have been separated for eight years in Vijay TV’s Bharathikannamma serial, have been separated from each other but there is still some corner affection in their minds.

Kannamma, who had gone to the shop and returned home, was on her way when a thief stole Bharti’s purse from Bharti’s car. Then Bharathi repaired his car which was in the front part.

So Kannamma looks at the thief, takes the coconut in her hand and tries to catch the thief. Seeing this, Bharathi also swears and kicks the thief who came to steal from the gang.

In between when a thief stabs Bharathi in the stomach with a knife, Kannamma stops it with his hand in the middle of the forest. Then the knife in Kannamma’s hand bleeds like silk.

Immediately Bharathi carries Kannamma in his hand and runs to the hospital. Dr. Bharathi tells the people there to get ready for the operation immediately as there is a blood clot in Kannamma’s hand.

Wenbop is watching all of this. If something is a problem for Kannamma then Bharati’s pulsation makes Venpaa even more irritated. As well as Shakti who is after seeing this incident to Venpaa who wants to separate Bharati from Kannamma permanently.

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