Before the strength, KGFI will lift .. The new route taken by Vijay without a way


Beast is a film directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and produced by Sun Pictures and starring Vijay. The film stars Pooja Hegde, Selvaragavan and Yogibabu in the lead roles. Anirudh composed the music for the film. The Beast movie’s first single, First Look posters have been released and have been well received among the fans.

In this situation, the shooting of the movie Beast is over and the final stage work is in full swing. The film is set to release on April 14. Vijay fans are waiting for this. As such Vijay also has a lot of expectations on the Beast film.

Currently Vijay is making a pakka plan for the film Beast.
Beast movie needs more theaters like Ajith’s strength movie. But on April 14th KGF2 will be released in theaters around the world. The anticipation for the second part has also increased among the fans as the first part of KGF was a huge success.

Thus KGF2 movie is likely to be released in a lot of theaters. Thus Vijay Beast is planning to release the film before April 14th. Vijay Pakka plans to defeat the KGF film somehow and release the film in more theaters than the strength film and break the strength collection.

With Vijay’s master collection record, the crew is currently planning to break the Beast movie master movie collection. Thus the Beast film is more likely to be released before the release of the KGF film which was a competition to the Beast film. The music release ceremony of the film Beast is scheduled to take place on March 20. Next up is the Beast movie which will be released very soon.

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