Beast film crew adopts new technique .. Vijay denied that it is not possible


Beast is a movie starring Vijay. The film is produced by Sun Pictures. Recently, the Arabic boxing song featured in the film has been released and has been well received by the fans and has become a world record.

Many fans were waiting for the release of the Beast movie update after this. But no update has been released on the Beast movie. Thus Vijay fans asked the cricketer Shami for an update on the Beast movie while the Indian cricketers were playing on the field. This video has gone viral on social media.

Also the video of Vijay in a white shirt with blood and a handgun in the movie Beast went viral on social media. Also, a video of Anirudh Vijay coming out of a cave and fighting with his enemies was released and went viral on social media. So the anticipation on the film has now increased.

Sun Pictures had planned to hold a grand audio launch release of the movie Beast. Recently the audio launch set photos of the Beast movie were released and went viral on social websites. But it has been reported that the audio launch of the Beast movie will not take place due to the corona spread. It is said that this will be officially announced by Sun Pictures.

But Sun Pictures plans to release the trailer for the Beast movie in Dubai in a very simple way. But those in the cinema circle are saying that Vijay will not be able to attend the show as he will be focusing on subsequent films. But no information has been officially released from the Sun Pictures side. Sun Pictures is expected to officially announce whether the audio launch of the Beast movie will be released or whether the Beast movie trailer will be released.

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