Balachander plays Rajini and Ana makes me a superstar


The panchayat of who is of great importance in the development of superstar Rajinikanth has been going on for many years. Balachander gave Rajini a chance in cinema. But the name was bought and given by Bharatiya Raja at the age of 16.

Thus there are many who have been very supportive of Rajini’s development in each of his periods. Although Rajini was introduced as an actor in Tamil cinema by Balachander, at one point Panchu Arunachalam was the biggest name in turning Rajini into a mass actor.

Until then, Panchu Arunachalam has proved that mass films can impress the audience on the path that Tamil cinema has been following for the success of the story and thereby increase the revenue. Her films are proud to have taken Rajini to every corner of Tamil Nadu.

In the early days of Rajinikanth, when there was a lot of talk that Balachander was the one who raised Rajini in the cinema, Panchu Arunachalam dared to say that he is in this superstar range. And Panchu Arunachalam will always say that it is through my film that Rajini has developed such a fan base.

Panchu Arunachalam has given some hit films not only to the issue but also to Kamal Haasan. Panchu Arunachalam, who initially started his career as a writer, gave huge hit films with what Rajini. Rajini, however, has more personal respect for Balachander than Panchu Arunachalam.

There are days when I fight between actors whether I am great or you are great, whether I am responsible for the growth of those actors or not. The funny thing is that until now it has been the norm.

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