As usual, the pictures are a drop for Simbu


Actor Simbu is a familiar face to us who has acted in many movies since he was a child. Then he grew into a hero and today he is a leading actor. His performance in the recently released conference film was a huge success.

Simbu’s films have never grossed this much. Thus, there is a accumulation of opportunities for him. In addition, many directors and producers in Telugu and Tamil are keen to make a film with Simbu.

Thus he has gone to another level. Many years later he has such a turning point in cinema. Because all this success and fame is what Simbu got now. Prior to this he was only a controversial figure.

Then there was the panchayat united over him. There were many complaints like being late for the shoot. Due to this his films in a row embraced failure. And I have to say that Simbu was almost overwhelmed to give it a hit.

But conference film has taken his market to new heights. Thus he is currently carving an over. By the time he was in the throes of success, only comedy films like Kaadu and Korona Kumar were burning.

Now all those pictures are being filmed briskly. So he is currently asking for maximum salary for Corona Kumar film. And he’s different from my range now so I can not buy the old salary.

He says coolly that if I’m going to pay the salary I am asking for then look for another guy if I am not starring in this movie. Thus the producer of the film is suffering from not knowing what to do. There is a lot of talk on the screen right now that he is likely to miss out on film opportunities due to his talent.

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