Archana Puran Singh Says She Is Not A Part Of Kapil Sharma US Tour Krushna Abhishek Teases Her


Famous actress Archana Puran Singh is very active on social media. Archana, who is in the news as a special guest on Kapil’s show, often shares behind-the-scenes videos of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on her Instagram. In those videos, all the stars of the show are seen having a lot of fun. Now recently, Archana has shared a video on her Instagram with Krishna Abhishek, in which Krishna is seen pulling the actress. At the same time, Archana is also expressing her pain that Kapil is not taking her on the US tour, although all this is going on in full fun.

Krishna pulled Archana..
In the video, Archana asks Krishna ‘What are you doing today?’. On this, Krishna teases Archana and says, ‘Our massage will remain… will ask for 1 crore…’ Only then Archana says ‘Not to get it..’. Krishna further says, ‘Nowadays we have started a new one, we are going to US and not taking Archana ji on the show.’ Krishna runs away after teasing Archana, when Archana starts beating him. Archana says, ‘The dirty people are not taking me. In the pursuit of saving money, you only beat the note, we do not beat it… and I have been defamed.’

After listening to Archana, Krishna says to her while applying butter to her, ‘No, the talk is going on, we are going too… without you our show is incomplete Archana ji, we will miss you Archana ji.’ Krishna starts laughing while speaking and then Archana says that she will not miss him at all. After this, Archana gives a lot of love to Krishna.

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