Apprentice Ranganathan was selected as the male .. The other side unknown to anyone


Apprentice Ranganathan, who is an actor and a journalist, is very popular today through YouTube videos. Lately he has been putting pudding pudding through videos of many intimate things going on behind the scenes about the cast.

Because of this he has a loyal fan base and although some oppose his speech, the truth is that many are eager to hear him speak. Similarly everyone is amazed at how he speaks so boldly about everyone.

There are many political reasons behind this. And there are many things we do not know about him. He was more interested in weightlifting before entering the film industry.

He has done a special exercise for this and weighed up to 200 kg and won the first prize. He also participated in the men’s competition in Chennai and has been selected as Mr. Chennai.

Through that he has also served in the police for about seven years. At that time he was assigned to MGR as a bodyguard. Through this he became close to MGR and became his favorite person.

He resigned from the police in a few days and has worked as a journalist in many places. He then had the opportunity to enter the cinema under the guidance of MGR.

He has acted in minor roles in films including MGR starrer Around the World and has since acted in languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. It was MGR who named him Apprentice.

He never asked anyone for a chance in cinema and today he is a journalist who boldly publishes many ideas. Many have praised his courage in this regard.

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