Ali Fazal Ignore Richa Chadda For Dinner During Death On The Nile Promotion Fans Says Guddu Bhaiya Mai Attitude Aagya Hai | Ali Fazal went to dinner after ignoring Richa Chadha, people said


Bollywood actress Richa Chadha and actor Ali Fazal are one of the most talked about couples in the industry. Both have been dating each other for many years and are going to tie the knot soon. Ali and Richa often express their love for each other on social media. But recently something happened that people are not able to believe their eyes after seeing it.

A video is going viral on social media in which Ali is seen ignoring his lady love Richa. Surprisingly, Ali passes right next to Richa, but still cannot see her and leaves her and moves on. Ali himself has shared this video on his Instagram.

While sharing the video, Ali has informed that he and Richa were going to have dinner at the British Museum in connection with the promotion of ‘Death on the nile’. During this, Ali looks very dashing in a three piece suit of black color, while Richa is also looking very beautiful in a cream color gown. It is seen in the video that Ali peeps out while descending the stairs and then slowly descends from the stairs. Richa stands on the stairs, but Ali does not even look at her. Ali gets down and leaves and Richa just keeps looking. In the end, they laugh too.

This video of Ali and Richa is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Fans are making very funny comments on this video. People are saying that attitude has come in Guddu Bhaiya., View video.

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