Ajith is the villain of Commander 66 movie .. New combo that will shake up Kodambakkam

The Beast film starring Commander Vijay is currently being prepared. It was earlier reported that director Vamsi will be directing the film which could be Commander 66 after this Beast film. Accordingly, the work of the film is ongoing.

There were various reports about this film. It has been reported that Vijay will be paired with Rashmika Mandana in the film. Otherwise no information has been released as to who is going to play the next characters in this film. It has been reported that Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi has been signed for the lead role in the film.

It has been confirmed that he may be a leading actor in Hindi and is currently playing the villain to the commander. He has already appeared as a villain for Ajith in Ajithkumar’s Vivekam. Like that film he is currently introduced as the villain to Commander Vijay. Thus the expectation on the film is high.

In recent times, the villain character is more welcome in Tamil cinema than the hero. Following the Bette film, Vijay Sethupathi also played the villain in the Master film, which earned him a good name. Many actors who may be at such a peak, including Bhagat Bachil, are now starting to love villain roles. Vivek Oberoi is currently in that line.

The film is expected to be released simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. It is expected that the film will be dubbed in Hindi and released simultaneously in three languages, as Bollywood’s leading actor is currently co-starring in the film.

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