Ajith is an example of dignity .. The incident that took place at the Kerala temple


Ajith is teaming up with Vinod again in the film 61 after the film Ajith Valimai. Filming for the film is set to start in Hyderabad very soon. In this condition Ajith is going to Kerala and taking many Ayurvedic treatments.

Rumors are circulating on social media that Ajith is using various tactics to lose weight for his next film. In this situation, the photos taken by Ajith at the Kerala temple went viral on the internet.

Also, there were several stunt scenes in the Strength movie. As a result, photos of Ajith’s injury have been published on the internet. It has been reported that Ajith has gone to Kerala for treatment.

In Kerala, photos taken by Ajith with his fans have been published on the internet. In the photo, Ajith is very close with a male fan and poses with a female fan doing a size distance maintenance.

Ajith has a lot of fans for his character beyond acting. Ajith often proves his virtue. Ajith fans are currently celebrating the photos taken in Kerala.

Because Ajith has taken this photo as an example of dignity. The understanding of how to behave with a man and how to behave with a woman is evident in the way this photo is taken. Fans say that Ajith’s morality and honesty are evident in this.



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