Ajith in that role again after 11 years .. Was the story baked in the web serial AK61.?


The recently released strength film starring Ajith under the direction of H Vinod has been getting huge box office record despite receiving negative reviews. In this situation, Vinod is directing Ajith’s next film. The film will also be produced by Ponikapur.

Filming for Ajith 61 is set to begin in April. Work on this is in full swing. For this, a set is being set up in Hyderabad at a huge cost. It has been reported that Ajith is going to play the role of a villain in the film 61.

Ajith played the negative role in the 2011 Venkatprabhu directed film Mankatha. In this situation, after 11 years, the appearance of Ajith in a negative role has increased the expectation among the people.

In this case, Ajith 61 is said to be based on the international series Mani Heist. Fans have already suggested that Ajith should play the role of a professor if the series is remade in Tamil.

Ajith 61 is said to be an adaptation of the Mani Heist web series and Ajith is going to play the negative role of the leader of the money laundering gang. It has also been reported that Ajith 61 will have two heroines in the film.

The film stars Aditi Rao, Prakashraj and Yogibabu in the lead roles. The Mani Heist series has been well received by the people and the film has generated huge anticipation as Vinod Ajith’s 61st film will be shot with the same story center.

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