Actress who took refuge in Vijay TV due to lack of film opportunity .. Total glamor is also Vesta Poche

The Big Boss show, which was very popular on Vijay TV, is currently airing on Disney Plus Hotstar under the name Big Boss Ultimate. It features celebrities who have never had a chance to film one of the celebrities who have attended the Big Boss show so far.

All of the contestants currently in this Big Boss house have participated in past seasons and are obsessed with not being able to achieve anything in cinema. Next in line for the meeting is an actress who stumbled upon a cinema opportunity.

She is none other than Ramya Pandian who has rocked social media with her charm. This is the fourth season of Big Boss. In it he acted as a comedian in a few films after the man who came around as a poison bottle came out.

He did not get any subsequent film opportunities unless he got good praise for those films. Thus Ramya again took the glamor in hand. He wowed the fans by posting several sexy photos in succession on his social media.

But the benefits are almost non-existent. Thus, he has now taken refuge in Vijay TV, which has given him fame. He went inside as a wild card entry on this Big Boss Ultimate show.

The promo is currently out and has taken everyone by surprise. For the past few days everyone has been expecting Laslia to be the Big Boss in the house. But this entry of Ramya Pandian is definitely something no one expected.

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