Achchi Manorama is a well known actress .. Who knows the celebrity who amazed Kamala?


Manorama started acting at the age of 12 due to family circumstances at an early age. Since then, Manorama has acted with almost four generations of actors to get a chance in movies. It can be said that there are no characters that he does not play.

KPAC Lalitha is known as Manorama in the world of Malayalam cinema like Ana Achchi Manorama is a treasure trove for Tamil cinema. He has acted in over 500 films in many languages. Lalita also won the National Award for Best Supporting Actress.

He has acted in many films in Tamil too. He made his debut in Tamil cinema in 1980 with the film Rajaparvai starring Kamal. Lalita played Shalini’s mother in the film Tribute to Love which was a turning point for Commander Vijay.

In the climax of the film, she is the mother who speaks the dialogue “Take your housewife”. He has also acted in Tamil films like Crown, Paramasivan and Alaipayuthey. He is currently acting in Tamil films like Veetla Visesanga and Mamanithan.

But he died unexpectedly on the 22nd of last week at the age of 74. World leader Kamal Haasan is often praised as the Manoramma of Malayalam cinema.

Lalita is the wife of Bharathan, who directed one of Kamal Haasan’s memorable films, Thevar Magan. Besides, Lalita is the only actress who praised Kamal Haasan as her mother.

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