Accident on the Big Boss show .. Duff Constant defeated by intrigue

The Big Boss Ultimate show is just a few days away from finale. Thus fierce competition is put on the show. Competitors who have already left the Big Boss house in this situation are now starting to come to the Big Boss house.

First Anita and Sharik enter the Big Boss house. Following them, Dadi Balaji and Abhinav enter the Big Boss Ultimate house. Currently the show is starting to heat up.

Actress Ramya Pandian is the Wayalkot entry in this show. He has a lot of male fans. He is able to play both intellectual and physical strength games effectively. Thus Ramya is seen as the Duff Contestant on the Big Boss Ultimate show.

In this situation, Julie stumbles upon Ramya Pandian in a task. As a result, Ramya has a broken leg and is unable to walk. Thus Ramya Pandian is in bed to be able to attend any match.

Also, Bala succeeded in that task. Currently, the promo for Ramya in a wheelchair with a large bandage on her leg has been released. Ramya Pandian’s fans are very worried after seeing this. With just a few days to go before the final, it is questionable how Ramya will be able to compete in other matches.

Many are saying that this is a ploy by the Big Boss rivals to somehow defeat Ramya who is seen as a duff constant to be on one side. But it is as if the incident happened in retaliation.

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