8 Tamil actors who made a splash in Hollywood movies .. MN Nambiar who made his mark there too


The actor and actresses, who are generally popular in Tamil, will also impress the fans by starring in other language films. Some of these Tamil actors have acted in Hollywood movies along with languages ​​like Telugu and Hindi. In that way, they have shown the pride of Tamil cinema abroad. So let’s look at some of the heroes who have made their mark in Hollywood.

Inferno was released in 1997 and starred Madhavan as Ravi. That means he would have acted in the film as an Interpol agent assisting the hero.

Actor MN Nambiar would have played a pivotal role in this film involving The Jungle Science. In this 1952 Hollywood film, he played the role of a minister assisting the queen.

Drop Chetty The film stars Napoleon and GV Prakash in the lead roles. The film, which is currently shooting, will be released soon.

Actor Prakashraj played a police officer in the 1993 film Tropical Hood. Prakashraj, who was acting in Kannada films at the time, started acting in Tamil films only after this film.

Actress Pooja Kumar, who made her debut in Flavors Tamil film Kadhal Rojave, has acted in many Hollywood movies since then. This Flavors movie is his first Hollywood movie.

Dhanush, who is a leading actor in The Extraordinary Journey of the Bhagir Tamil, also made his mark in Hollywood with this film. Following this film, Dhanush is currently starring in another Hollywood film, The Gray Man.

Bloodstone was released in 1988 and starred superstar Rajinikanth in the lead role. The film impressed many. Not only that but it got a good collection and added pride to the superstar.

Devil’s Night is a 2019 film starring Napoleon. Following this film he has acted in almost 5 Hollywood movies so far. He is currently starring in one more film.

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