7 wicket keepers who used the unbeaten time .. Indian cricket team in the grip of Satan


After the retirement of wicketkeeper Nayan Mongia, there was a huge vacuum for the Indian team to keep. Each player was coming and going in the Indian team.

MSK Prasad: MSK Prasad is the former BCCI board chairman before Ganguly. He played only 6 Tests and 17 ODIs for India. He also played for India for some time due to the absence of a wicket-keeper.

Ajay Rathra: He has played 6 Tests and 12 ODIs for India under the name Keeper. It is amazing that the Indian team played with him as the keeper.

Deep Das Gupta: He is a wicket-keeper who can provide some comfort compared to others. He has played quite well for the Indian team in the Test match. He has scored a total of 344 runs. He has played in only 5 ODIs.

Samir DK: His name is Puducha and he has also played as the keeper of the Indian team. He counts, 6 Tests and 23 ODIs only.

Vijay Takia: He is also a wicket keeper who can provide some comfort. He has also scored an action-packed fifty against Australia. 2 runs in 2 Test matches. He has scored 216 runs in 19 ODIs.

Posted by Saba Karim: He has played 34 ODIs and one Test for India. The Indian team kept him as the keeper.

Parthiv Patel: Parthiv Patel joined the Indian team at the age of 18. He acted a bit better keeper compared to the others. Dinesh Karthik and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have disappeared from the team after their arrival.

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