7 films that hit with brother and gold affection .. Radhika who praised Shivaji

There are a lot of sentimental lessons in Tamil cinema. Yet this brother, sentimental films parallel to gold is well received among the fans. From that time to this, pictures of brother and gold have been released.

Affection: To this day, the film Pasamalar is an example of a brother-sister relationship. Shivaji Ganesan and his sister both played brother and sister in the film. The film was well received by the fans of DM Soundarajan’s song ‘Malarthu Malaratha’.

Thorn and flower: Mullum Malarum is a movie directed by Mahendran and starring Rajinikanth, Shoba, Chandrababu, Badapat Jayalakshmi and others. Rajini and Sofa both acted as brother and sister in the film. In the film, Rajini played the role of Kali, a brother who dares to do anything for his sister.

In Eastern Seema: Vijayakumar played the role of Mayandi Devan and his younger sister Radhika Virumayika in the movie East Seema. The film was about a troubled brother who gave his sister to a cowardly groom. Radhika’s performance in the film is excellent. It is noteworthy that after watching this film, Shivaji called Radhika in person and congratulated her.

Pandava Earth: Pandavar Bhoomi is a 2001 film directed by Cheran. It was a film that told the greatness of the joint family. Kavita played the younger sister of Rajkiran and Chandrasekhar and the older sister of actor Ranjith. Sister waiting to marry off her daughter for her brother who is in jail. But Ranjith refuses to accept Jeeva, who has the same face mask as her sister.

Ocean: Cauvery played the younger sister of Sarathkumar, Murali and Manoj in the film. Samudra was a sentimental film about brothers losing their entire property for their sister and throwing their lives for their brother. The film was directed by KS Ravikumar.

சொக்கத்தங்கம்: Sokkathangam is a film directed by Bhagyaraj and starring Vijaykanth, Soundarya, Uma, Prakashraj and others. Vijaykanth and Uma played brother and sister in the film. In the film, Vijaykanth is getting ready to marry a woman he does not want for his sister.

திருப்பாச்சி: Tirupachchi is a movie directed by Empire and starring Vijay, Trisha, Mallika and others. Vijay wants to build his sister in the city. But he finds problems there and tries to destroy those rowdies and finds success in it.

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