6 thriller films that scared and trembled in the 60s and 70s .. Can’t watch Tanya even now!


Some of the films currently being released in Tamil cinema take us by surprise and fear. But some directors have scared the fans with some films in the 60s and 70s. Thus, we can watch 6 Tamil thriller films that have plunged us into extreme fear.

that day: S Balachander directed Shivaji Ganesan, Bandaribai starrer released that day. The film was produced by AVM Productions. The film is set in the aftermath of World War II and was about the murder of a radio engineer Rajan.

Same eyes: The movie directed by AC Thirulogachandra starring Ravichandran and Kansana has the same eyes. The film was produced by AVM Productions. The film goes on with suspense and twist from the beginning. The film was a huge success.

Shanti Station: Shanti Nilayam is a movie directed by GS Mani and starring Gemini Ganesan and Kansana. The film is based on the novel Jenny Erie by the famous English woman novelist Charlotte Brandt. SBP made its cinematic debut with the film Shanti Nilayam.

The heart never forgets: The film starring Kalyan Kumar, Devika, Nambiar, Nagesh and Manorama directed by Sridhar will not be forgotten. The film was centered on rebirth. The film was a huge success.

In the middle of the night: The movie directed by S Balachander and starring Major Sundarajan, Bandaribai and Chaukar Janaki was released in the middle of the night. The film follows a series of murders in a large bungalow followed by several murders. The film was a huge hit at the time and was released as a horror film at midnight.

New bird: New Bird is a movie directed by Dada Mirasi and produced by Shivaji Pictures and starring Shivaji Ganesan, Saroja Devi, MR Radha and Chaukar Janaki. The film is a love and thriller story. The film was shot with the theme of the husband’s condition if the wife he killed comes back that day.

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