6 films of Shivaji who showed mass with 90’s heroes .. Rajini, acting beyond Kamala

Actor Shivaji Ganesan is considered to be one of the greatest treasures of Tamil cinema. His majestic voice and talented acting will always amaze the fans.

He has acted in many films with the younger generation even after his time in cinema. So let’s look at the films in which he has proven himself by starring alongside the younger generations.

Oncemore: Shivaji Ganesan played the lead role in this film which starred actor Vijay and Simran. In it, he comes to play Vijay’s father and then plays his own father. And as a young man, his stellar acting and dancing impressed the fans.

படையப்பா: The film, starring Rajinikanth, stars Shivaji Ganesan as his father. He would have excelled in the film as a town builder and a character who gives up property for his brother.

Son of God: Shivaji will play Kamal’s father in the film, which stars Kamal Haasan, Nasser, Revathi and Gautami among others. In this film he would have acted very realistically in that scene of dying. The hugely successful film is currently in its second installment.

Blonde: Shivaji will play Radhika’s father in this film which starred Prabhu, Radhika and Sivakumar. He would have acted as a paternalistic father who would have married his daughter who had lost her husband within a few years of marriage.

My wish is Rasave: Shivaji also played the lead role along with Murali and Radhika in the Kasturi Raja movement. Shivaji would have excelled in this film which was made with a focus on rural art. Even more so in the final scene, the scene where he is playing karagam amazed everyone.

We are coming to bloom: The film starred Sivaji alongside Ajay, Malavika, Raghuvaran and Nambiar among others. Shivaji would have played a pivotal role in the film putting romantic couples together. Though the film was not as successful as expected, Shivaji’s character was admirable.

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