5 hostesses who went missing due to lack of interest .. Celebrity who left due to gossip

The logo screen has some faces. The shows they host in a unique way have captivated fans. The iconic screen has thus lost the famous female presenter. The shows they currently do not have are empty.

Pepsi Uma: Pepsi Uma has been with Sun TV for over 10 years. Your Choice show hosted by him is very popular among the people. Many women will watch this show just to see the saree she is wearing. That and his Tamil accent and laughter attracted many fans. But at present he cannot be seen on the logo page.

DT: If DD is the property of Vijay TV then it is not superfluous. This is because DD hosted the Mukkavasi programs aired on Vijay TV. DD has hosted many shows like Jodi No.1, Coffee with DD, Dear DD, Airtel Super Singer. DD, who is currently focusing on some films, comes to Vijay TV only occasionally.

Bhavana: Host Bhavana is famous for her Super Singer show aired on Vijay TV. He co-hosted the event with Makaba. Prior to this he also worked in Raj TV. He has also served as a commander in cricket and kabaddi. Currently Bhavana is not seen on the logo screens.

Archana : Archana started her career as an English newsreader on Jaya TV. After that it can be said that there is no channel that he does not host like Sun TV and Vijay TV. Archana has made her mark by hosting on so many channels. But he met with negative criticism among the people after attending the Big Boss show.

Jacqueline: Jacqueline became famous along with Rakshan through the KPY show. Thus many gossips came out that put the two together. But regardless, Jacqueline was highly acclaimed among fans. I don’t know what a bad time it is. Not a single phone call is coming from the logo screen right now. Thus Vijay TV fans are a bit saddened by the loss of Jacqueline.

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