5 famous couples who fell in love and got married .. Sangeetha who came as a fan and lifted the commander


Only a few romantic couples who are very exemplary for today’s generations are living in Tamil cinema today. Let them know about their love.

Ajith-Shalini: They are still the most accepted and admired romantic couple in the film industry today. Their love started from the movie they starred in. Amarkkalam is the first film in which Shalini has teamed up with Ajith. Ajith has expressed his love for the first time as the cast of the film ends without any intention while acting in the film. Shalini keeps telling the beautiful director Saran that she is scared that I will fall in love with Shalini if ​​not finish this movie fast. They are still the best couple to date, for example.

Vijay-Sangeetha: Although the pictures of this romantic couple are not online, the couple joined by looking at Vijay’s picture. Sangeetha, who grew up in London after watching Vijay’s Poove for You, came as a Vijay fan and met Vijay. Their first meeting turned out to be friendly and resulted in several encounters. Vijay, who starred in the film Wait All Time, invited Sangeetha to his house at that time. Vijay’s parents get acquainted with Sangeetha and marry Sangeetha. To this day, they live as beautiful romantic couples.

Prasanna-Sneha: The romantic couple starred in a realistic film, Achchamundu Achchamundu. The film was shot across the United States. During that time they became accustomed to reality and developed good friendships. This friendship continued after coming to Chennai. While looking at the groom in Sneha’s family, Sneha was told by their parents that marrying Prasanna seems to be a good idea. Without answering, Prasanna called her and asked if we could actually get married. Prasanna said yes and they got married beautifully.

Surya-Jyotika: They co-starred in the movie Kaadhal Poovellam Kettuppar. Jyotika is well acquainted with all of them and can easily speak which is what caught Surya. Similarly, Surya’s modest speech is a bit shy. Surya likes this and is used to Jyotika.

Jyotika has recommended Surya to act in the movie Kakka Kakka at a time when the two were growing up in Tamil cinema. The way they acted in this film became a favorite of all romantic couples. He exchanged love with her through this movie. Getting family support and getting married despite minor problems. Surya Jyotika is still revered by many young people as love.

Arya-Saisha: Arya is known as the playboy in Tamil cinema. He’s been a lot of women in his life and he’s been in love with all of them. He could only be one.

Conversations took place when Tamil Nadu fans asked when the child would get married. But Arya Saiyasha co-starred in the film Ghajinikanth. While starring in the film, they fell in love and the marriage took place immediately with the consent of both the spouses. Playboy Arya is now living his married life very responsibly with a beautiful romantic wife. It is appreciated by all and is viewed with amazement.

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